If you aren’t one, then you probably know one and might have even tried to share a bed with one. You know, that person who sprawls in bed like a starfish.

Starfish sleepers often fall into the category of side sleepers along with people who curl up on their sides with their knees pulled toward their chests, http://bestmattress2018.webgarden.com/ those who lay like on log on their sides and the freestylists who splay wherever they may on their sides best cooling mattress.


As with other sleeping positions, you may experience your best night’s sleep by selecting a mattressthat suits your preference for side sleeping.


Go Soft for Maximum Comfort

As you sleep on your side, or sprawl like a starfish, you want a mattress that keeps your spine in alignment. A mattress with poor support may sag under the weight of your hips and shoulders and drop your spine into an unnatural position that may cause pain.


Look for a cool gel mattress that is soft yet firm to provide support for your pressure points and ensure that you don’t feel any discomfort.


Good options can be innerspring, https://penzu.com/p/456f7f69 foam and adjustable-air mattresses. Innerspring and memory foam have especially high ratings among users.


Because of the contours of the body on its side, a soft mattress with a strong core tends to be best, however, a firm mattress with a pillowtop can also provide the necessary comfort and support.


Try looking at memory foam mattress reviews online to learn how fellow side sleepers are feeling about their purchase.

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